Meet our Advisory Board relies on the advice of an advisory board. Functions performed by members, who have agreed to make a voluntary commitment to this work, include:

  1. Review and provide comments on website.
  2. Monitor ongoing use of the website to critique and suggest improvements.
  3. Suggest website topics for follow up by staff.
  4. Suggest new drug safety tools for the website to improve function for consumers.
  5. Provide feedback about as learned from family, friends, and media coverage.
  6. Communicate with others to learn where has been helpful personally and/or professionally.
  7. Be willing to be called upon for occasional media interviews about the website.
  8. Be available for ad-hoc discussions with professional staff.

Our advisory board members share in our excitement about this website and its potential to reach millions of consumers with important medication safety information. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to serve.

Tabitha Carreon, PharmD
Community Pharmacist
El Paso, Texas
Ilene Corina
Patient Safety Consultant
Pulse of New York
Wantagh , New York
Alan Y. Medvin, JD
Medvin & Elberg, Newark, NJ
Barbara L. Olson, MS, RNC, FISMP
Nursing Consultant
Grayson, Georgia
Jennifer Reddan, PharmD, FASHP
Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Milwaukee, WI
Debora Simmons, RN MSN CCRN CCNS
Patient Safety Consultant
Pearland, Texas
Lorri Zipperer
Zipperer Project Management
Evanston, Illinois
Robert A. Zorowitz, MD, MBA, CMD
Medical Director
Village Nursing Home and Village Care PACE
New York, New York

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