Advice from FDA: "My Medicines" ... this Brochure Can Be a Lifesaver


Can carrying around a brochure help save your life? Yes, if it's the "My Medicines" brochure offered by FDA's Office of Women's Health (OWH). It's designed to help consumers track the medicines they use.

My Medicines features a chart that allows you to list information about your prescription medicines, including the names of the medicines, how much you take, when you take them, what condition they are treating, and the number of refills. The brochure also offers advice on how to avoid problems with your medicines, and questions you should ask your doctor or pharmacist about your prescriptions.

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A Case History
Coral Thomas, from Clarksville, TN, is particularly glad she picked up a My Medicines brochure during a visit to her doctor. Ms. Thomas filled out the brochure and placed it in her purse. It was there to help her when she suffered a heart attack. "The heart doctor at the hospital told me filling out the brochure was the smartest thing I could have done," she said.

Seeing that Ms. Thomas was taking daily treatments for high blood pres-sure and other conditions, the doctor changed his treatment plan. He later told Ms. Thomas every patient should carry a list because it helps caregivers know the best way to proceed. After her recovery, Ms. Thomas ordered dozens more My Medicines brochures and distributed them to her friends. "It's just the best thing to have," she says. "Women should carry one in their purses and keep a spare in their cars. Believe me, it can save your life."

The brochure can prove helpful to men as well, and a gender-neutral brochure is available. The brochure, which is also available in 14 languages, can be downloaded here. Or call the Federal Citizen Information Center at 1-888-878-3256 and order publication 556T.

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Created on October 1, 2009