Home Safety: Preventing Poisonings That Occur at Home


Did you know that in the United States a poison exposure occurs every 13 seconds? Most poison accidents occur in the home and are often preventable. Of the estimated 2.5 million poisonings that occur each year, more than half involve children under the age of 6.

Young children are often poisoned by things found in the home, such as, cosmetics, cleaning products and medications. Children like attractive packaging and good smells. They are often drawn to the colorfulness of these products. In order to keep your home safe, remember to survey your home for poisons. Keep all harmful substances out of sight and out of reach of children. Use safety locks on all cabinets and drawers. Teach children to always ask a grown-up first before tasting, touching or smelling anything. Be sure to store poisons in their original containers; never store them in drink or food containers. Medications should be stored in child-resistant containers whenever possible. Never leave the caps loose. These containers are proven deterrents to children trying to open medicine bottles. Avoid taking medicines in front of children. Young children often imitate grown-ups and may take them on their own at a later time. Never call medicine candy. Medicine and candy look a lot alike and children often cannot tell them apart.

Created on September 1, 2008

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