Carac-Kuric mix-up


A pharmacy accidentally dispensed Carac (fluorouracil) cream (0.5%) instead of Kuric (ketoconazole) cream (2%). These products have similar-sounding names. The pharmacist thought the doctor said 'Carac' not 'Kuric,' when he listened to the doctor's voicemail message. Carac cream is used to treat pre-cancerous skin lesions of the face and scalp.

Kuric cream is used to treat fungal infections and dry flaky skin. The man who received Carac instead of Kuric developed a severe rash and infection where the cream was applied.

Here's what you can do: Always talk to your pharmacist when picking up prescriptions. Discuss your understanding of why you are taking the medicine and how to take it. Also read the drug information leaflet that comes with your prescription. The information in the leaflet can alert you to an error, particularly mistakes with look-alike or sound-alike drug names.

Created on July 25, 2009

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