Make a Donation is a resource offered by The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), the only worldwide nonprofit organization devoted entirely to safe medication use and the prevention of medication errors. Through education and direct interaction, ISMP encourages the healthcare community to make changes that result in improved drug safety.

Without the generosity of hundreds of individuals and organizations, ISMP would not be able to pursue its mission. We appreciate your support.

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Michael Cohen

President, ISMP

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With your assistance, we will continue to build on our more than 30 years of experience helping healthcare practioners keep patients safe and lead efforts to improve the medication use process. For more information on ISMP's many activities, programs and accomplishments in the area of medication safety, please visit our main website


Some of the ISMP contributions to medication safety that have been made possible by generous donors and volunteers include:
  • Launching a continuous, voluntary, confidential medication error reporting system to learn about errors happening across the nation, understand their causes, and share "lessons learned" with the healthcare community;
  • Procuring hundreds of changes in error-prone medication names, labels, and packages that have reduced the risk of potentially serious mistakes;
  • Developing free self-assessment tools for healthcare facilities that have helped them analyze the effectiveness of their medication safety programs;
  • Publishing four medication safety newsletters for medical professionals and consumers that reach more than a million readers; and
  • Providing assistance in the development of federal and state legislation and regulations related to patient safety.

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