This oral syringe is not like the others


The oral syringes that come with risperidone oral solutions are uniquely labeled and may cause confusion. Risperidone is a medicine used to treat certain mood disorders. Unlike other oral syringes, risperidone oral syringes have a barrel (the part that holds the medicine) that does not have any lines or numbers (markings). Instead, the markings appear on the plunger (Figure 1). To measure a dose, the plunger must be pulled back until the dose marking aligns with the flange (winged end) of the barrel. Even though these syringes are different than other oral syringes, the instructions do not provide detailed, clearly illustrated information on how to read the markings when measuring a dose. We recently learned about a man who may have taken too much risperidone due to confusion with the dose markings.

Here’s what you can do: When picking up a prescription for risperidone oral solution, ask to speak to the pharmacist. Open the package and ask the pharmacist how to use the syringe. risperidone figure 1Practice using the syringe by drawing air into it in front of the pharmacist to verify that you understand how to accurately measure the correct dose




Created on July 26, 2019

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