Spoken Rx prescription labels from CVS


In December 2021, CVS Pharmacy announced it would be expanding the use of Spoken Rx audio prescription labels in all of its pharmacies. The Spoken Rx feature, developed in collaboration with the American Council of the Blind, is now part of the CVS Pharmacy mobile app that can read prescription label information in either English or Spanish. Spoken Rx is FREE. To use the feature, register for a CVS account, download the app, and enroll in Spoken Rx – this can be done over the phone or at a CVS pharmacy. Future prescription labels will be tagged with an RFID (radio-frequency identification) label that the app-equipped smartphone can read aloud when held within four inches of the tagged label. If you do not have a smartphone, a standalone speaker device is also available, at no cost. At this time, the Spoken Rx app only reads labels from CVS Pharmacy.   


spoken rx

Created on May 10, 2022

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