• Become more familiar with the medicine you take... Learn the generic name

    Medicines all have one generic name and perhaps one or more brand names. The brand name is chosen by the drug company. The generic name is assigned by an official body, the United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council. You probably know, for example, that Advil and Motrin are brand names for the generic medicine ibuprofen. Knowing that Advil, Motrin, and ibuprofen are all the same medicine alerts you to an important risk—that taking these medicines together could add up to an overdose.

  • Get your flu vaccine now!

    Fall is the best time to get your flu vaccine to protect you and your family. Click here to watch a short video about the flu vaccine from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You can get your flu vaccine at many locations, including doctor’s offices, clinics, urgent care centers, pharmacies, health departments, schools, and college health centers Visit HealthMap Vaccine Finder to locate where you can get a flu vaccine—today!

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