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ConsumerMedSafety.org is designed to help you, the consumer, avoid mistakes when taking medicines. Preventing medication errors is a huge responsibility that doctors, pharmacists, and nurses take seriously. But you, too, can play a vital role in preventing dangerous errors, and ConsumerMedSafety.org is exactly what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones! 

The majority of the material provided on our website, is original, written by the ISMP staff. Content is developed from

  • Reports submitted to the Medication Error Reporting Program (MERP) by practitioners and consumers with research by our editorial staff to confirm and validate.
  • Shared work from our newsletter publications, including the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! For acute care hospitals, a consumer newsletter, a community pharmacy/medicine newsletter and a nursing newsletter. Together the readership exceeds 2 million. More information about our publication can be seen at: http://www.ismp.org/Newsletters/default.asp 
  • Independent articles developed, produced and edited entirely for consumermedsafety by ISMP staff.
  • Some information, as noted on the website, is shared with us by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Occasionally, consumermedsafety will make mention of an article from which the topic is derived. In all cases we include the source material

One of the key features on ConsumerMedSafety.org is your ability to develop a personalized medication safety alert system. This free feature is called ISMP  MedSafetyAlert! Through our secure website, you can enter a list of the medicines you take. You will then receive email alerts if any of the medicines you take are recalled or if any safety issues have been identified by the ISMP, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or the companies that make the medicines. If desired, your doctor can also be alerted to any serious safety issues with your medicines. You will also learn about the side effects of your medicines and whether they are safe to take together.

Once you sign up with ISMP MedSafetyAlert!, you can share information with other users about your satisfaction with the medicines you take and any side effects you have experienced. You can also keep track of your medicines and print a list to use when visiting doctors or when you go to the hospital. We hope that you and your family will browse this website often and take advantage of this unique ISMP MedSafetyAlert! system and free information.

Consumermedsafety.org does not host any forms of advertisements. This website is funded by our organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Occasionally, we will accept funding in the form of sponsorship. There is no conflict of interest between our organization and a sponsor. At all times the content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not represent the official views of the sponsor. When funding is received from a sponsor the opening page will identify the funding source. The content receiving funding on consumermedsafety.org are as follows: http://www.consumermedsafety.org/tools-and-resources/insulin-safety-center and http://www.consumermedsafety.org/tools-and-resources/over-the-counter-medicines

The information on this website should only support and not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.


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