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Reporting a Medication Error

Getting Prescriptions Safely by Mail

42bfbea03cce865b2f6f3be1a87895b7 MMost health plans offer mail-order prescriptions. Follow these steps to ensure that your prescriptions are filled correctly and delivered safely.

  • Send the pharmacy an up-to-date list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal products taken by each person in your family (including products not provided by the mail-order pharmacy).
  • Send the pharmacy the height, weight, allergies, and health conditions of each family member.
  • Make sure the delivery site is secure to reduce the risk of theft and misuse of prescription medications. For example, a mailbox is more secure than your front steps.
  • Call the pharmacy if you don't receive your medication when expected.
  • Request a phone or mail alert from the pharmacy a few weeks before a refill is needed. That gives you the opportunity to confirm that you are still taking the medication. Don't accept automatic delivery of refills without such an alert.
  • Check prescriptions as soon as they arrive to make sure the products look as expected and that you can understand the directions on the labels.

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