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Spring is almost here, and that means traveling is heating up. When you’re on-the-go, it’s important to make sure your medicine travels safely with you. If you’ll be traveling with medicine check out these important safety tips.

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FDA Alert

Dietary supplement education initiative

The FDA provides consumers with a wide range of downloadable educational resources about dietary supplements

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Put your medicines Up and Away and out of sight!

It's National Poison Prevention Week (March 19–25, 2023)

Be sure to keep your medicines out of the sight and reach of young children. Learn more about keeping medicines somewhere safe.

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Top 10 Reasons to Suspect a Pharmacy Error

Check out these top ten clues to look out for before taking your medicine:

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We help everyday folks take medication safely is provided to you by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). This unique website is designed to help you, the consumer, avoid mistakes when taking medicines.

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Medication Errors Happen

Errors with medicine are preventable. Most do not cause harm, but occasionally they can. They can still happen anywhere medicine is prescribed, dispensed, purchased or used. However, you can play an important part in staying safe.

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Why You Can Trust Us is run by a team of healthcare providers who specialize in medication safety. We are specially trained to provide authentic, real-world content that empowers consumers to play a vital role in their own medication safety. All our content is original, and our website is advertisement free.

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Stay Informed

Having knowledge and understanding about safe medication practices is an excellent way in preventing an error from happening to you or a loved one. Our website is designed to exclusively bring the message of medication error prevention directly to you, the consumer.

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Be a Part of The Team

We rely on consumers like you who share your stories of errors and other potential hazards with your medicine. This helps us learn from you. It also helps us provide memorable stories about actual errors (deidentified) that have happened and how others can prevent them for happening to them.

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