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Reporting a Medication Error

What Should Be Reported

We're interested in learning about medication errors, near misses, hazardous situations or bad drug reactions experienced by you or a loved one. These problems may be related to:

  • Issues with prescriptions
  • Pharmacy or hospital procedures, staff, and systems
  • Inadequate medication instructions
  • Poor communication of information from a health care professional
  • Medicine labels and packaging
  • Names of medications
  • The preparation and/or mixing of medications
  • The way in which you order medication (Internet, telephone, mail, etc.)
  • Unexpected reactions to a drug


Medication errors, near misses, or hazardous situations that should be reported include, as well as bad reactions, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving the wrong drug, strength, or dose of medication that was ordered for you
  • Being prescribed a drug to which you were allergic
  • Having an unexpected reaction to a drug because you were taking another drug or food that shouldn't be eaten while taking the drug
  • Taking a drug incorrectly because you did not understand how or when to take it
  • Developing an already known but unexpected side effect because the provider did not give clear or full instructions on how to properly take the drug. For example, if you got an upset stomach because you were not told to drink a full glass of water when taking your medicine or getting sunburned because you were not counseled that the drug requires you to stay out of sunlight.
  • A problem with equipment used to give the medication such as with IV (intravenous) pumps, PCA (patient controlled analgesic) pumps, and insulin pens, etc.

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